clara fadel



Junior copywriter at z+, Havas group

From being a little girl who found in writing an outlet for her confusion and a love for creating alternate realities, to being a not-so-little-girl-anymore with lots of courage who moved all the way from the warm Brazilian lands to the freezing Swedish territory in the search for what the digital world really is and what possibilities it opens for humanity in a bigger spectrum. 

I believe in the power of simple ideas and being a team-player. 



Prosk8 - skateboard startup

May 2017 - August 2017

My official job title was Social Media Strategist, but as we all know, the startup grind is real. Taking pictures, getting to know our target group, building a solid step-by-step 1 year plan with measurable goals and KPI's and translating a bunch of documents in Portuguese or Spanish to English were some other tasks of mine.

Scholz & friends hamburg

November 2017 - February 2018

Strategy Intern. By moving from Stockholm to Hamburg with the sole purpose of getting into the "big ad agency" life, I saw myself with great fire under my ass* to try out as much as possible. Initially I was given the task of writing some white papers about Data-Driven Creativity, and as I progressed in my research, I saw the opportunity (and need) to turn this assignment into an in-house action. I, of course, wrote the white papers but also made a simple presentation highlighting the most important insights and designed a workshop for people from multiple areas of the agency.

gw import, export and distribution of medical products

March 2018 - June 2018

Marketing and Client Relationships Intern. By moving back to Brazil after 1 year and a half of living in Europe plus working at a small yet very promising company, I saw the chance to better understand a market I didn't know much about, train my Spanish and start some side-projects I've always wanted to do. Together with the founders, I wrote the mission, vision and "why's" of the company.

Z+ ad agency, havas group

October 2018 - present

Assistant Copywriter. At first, I got the tasks of writing a bunch of e-mail marketing pieces, social media posts, radio spots and both on and offline ads for very diverse clients, such as Hyundai, MSC, B3, CAOA and Cinemark. A few months later, I became the main ADIDAS copywriter of the agency, worked on campaigns for TENA, AACD Teleton and DIA supermarkets and brainstormed a lot for Cannes.





Humanitarian causes
Poetry & Chronics
National and International Politics
Having a good ol' time
Future scopping
Being challenged




Colégio bandeirantes

Graduated November 2015

hyper island

Graduated June 2018


Phone: +55(11)997647604
Address: São paulo, Brazil


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